Business Income Insurance

Written by: Mario Magliozzi

What do you do if a fire shuts down your business and you can’t operate? How long can you afford to retain key staff and pay expenses without money coming in? Business Income insurance is one of the most important coverages for a small business.

Business Income covers lost revenue if your operations are suspended due to a covered loss. It can also cover additional expenses to restore your operations sooner, like temporary space or expedited shipping. This coverage is important but it’s not automatically included on all policies and there are conditions and limitations to consider.

That’s why it is important to review your policy with your agent. A few things to consider:

1.       How long will the coverage last?

2.       How much of your payroll should be included?

3.       How much income is enough?

We can help provide tools to estimate what you need. If the worst should happen, we want to help ensure your business will have enough coverage to continue through a loss.

Please give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about your coverage.

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