Business Insurance

Will my liability insurance defend me from a frivolous lawsuit when I’ve done nothing wrong?

Yes, general liability insurance will provide legal defense for you as the named insured regardless of the merits of the suit. Your coverage will pay a settlement only if you are found to be negligent.

Do I need an umbrella?

Yes. Umbrella liability is important and affordable coverage to protect you from the worst case scenario.

I need to provide a Certificate of Insurance to a vendor. What is that?

A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is a document to provide proof of your coverage to others, and extend coverage to Additional Insureds when necessary. COI requirements can be very complex and we’re here to help.

Employee Benefits

How much of the cost am I responsible for if I offer a benefit plan?

It depends on the plan you are offering and which insurance company you are using, but most of the time the minimum price you have to pay is 50% of the employee cost and 0% for their dependents.

Do I have to offer benefits to all of my employees?

You must offer coverage to all employees working the number of hours you set. You can set hours between 20 and 40. Any employee working less than that, you do not have to offer coverage to him/her.

How do you get paid?

No matter what insurance company you choose, we are paid a commission for assisting you. If you have less than 5 employees enrolling, there may be an additional fee, which will be disclosed to you at the time.

Personal Insurance

Why did my auto insurance go up?

Auto insurance premiums have been going up for several years, and the trend looks to continue for the near future. There are several factors driving the increases. First, modern vehicles are more expensive to repair. New systems installed to make new cars safer and more connected are very costly to repair. Another major factor driving up auto insurance premiums is rising medical costs. Finally, as the economy continues to improve there are more cars on the road, leading to more accidents.

Does my auto insurance policy cover a vehicle I rent?

Generally speaking, yes. If you have at least one vehicle on your auto insurance policy that has liability, comprehensive and collision coverage on it, those coverages will extend to a rental vehicle. That said, most rental car agreements make the renter responsible for risks that aren’t covered under many auto insurance policies. It’s best to discuss limitations your policy may have regarding rental cars with your agent.

f my garage burns down and my car is in the garage, is it covered under my homeowners policy?

No, your homeowners insurance policy does not cover the loss, even though your vehicle was in your house. You must have a form of comprehensive physical damage coverage on your auto insurance policy for it to be covered.

If I purchase valuable jewelry and afterward my home is broken into and the jewelry is stolen, will it be covered?

Homeowners policies have limited coverage for theft of jewelry and generally list a dollar limit in the policy. Depending on the value of jewelry you own, you may want to add a Scheduled Personal Property endorsement to your policy as it will allow you to list specific jewelry items and insure them for the purchased, or current appraised value.

Why do I need a Personal Umbrella policy?

Umbrella insurance provides protection that may help pay expenses in many situations, such as if you’re sued for alleged slander or libel. For example, what if you or a family member posts an unfortunate comment about a person on social media? You may be sued as a result and that’s where a Personal Umbrella policy may help.

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